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According to Safety Research, injuries that involve automatic gates have affected almost 25,000 people, including an estimated 9,000 who are under 15 years of age. Fortunately, proper maintenance of automated driveway gates can help you avoid similar injuries happening on your property. Let’s learn more about a few maintenance steps that your automated driveway gates need on a regular basis.

Regular Cleaning

Like all other tools that help make your life easier, your driveway gates will require regular cleaning. This can be as simple as using soapy water and a sponge to remove grime, dirt, and debris. Dirt can build up on the gates which can then in turn creep into the tracks. With regular cleaning, you can keep your gate functioning properly. You’ll also be able to identify any issues before they grow into larger problems. One example is rust, which should be dealt with right away if it shows up on your metal gate. Having your gate cleaned once a month and after major storms or weather events should be enough to keep it in great working order.

Proper Lubrication

Anything that utilizes perpetual motion, like a driveway gate, will need proper lubrication to continue working correctly. The hinges, chains, and rollers of your gate all require regular lubrication. If you neglect this important part of maintenance, your motor can begin to buckle under the strain. But, when your gate is properly cared for and gets the attention it needs, it can run flawlessly for years. Make sure that lubrication is a maintenance priority for you.

No Branches or Debris

When items like branches and other outdoor debris get caught in your gate it can cause problems. Make sure that your trees and shrubbery are well-maintained and that any loose branches are dealt with properly. In addition to protecting your driveway gate, you’ll also make your property safer and more enjoyable. When the gate runs into debris and stops or stalls, it can affect the machinery in a negative way. You don’t want your gate to keep hitting debris when it’s trying to open or close. If you allow this to happen, you’ll soon end up with a broken gate.

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